Sunday, June 9, 2013

Let's try something new...

I'm trying outnew things lately and I thought about posting some of my findings this is a korean almond drink mix, it comes in little sachets with powder this one is almond lotus root and it's like drinking liquid marzipan! Jum luckily I love marzipan....

Powder + 150 cc of water (hot) if you want to drink it cold use less hot water and then add some ice cubes to cool... will have to try! 

It's a bit liquid and not as creamy as I thought but what do you expect from a sachet and not real milk ? But all concidered it's very good! i'll try the other ones too in the future! 

I found it at my local asian supermarket I always try something new when I visit I'll blog more about my findings in the future!

Anyone else into strange foods ?