Sunday, April 25, 2010

Penpals givaway!

Penpal GIVEAWAY.... kind off ...

My crafting has come to a bit of a stop since I've been poorly for a bit now. BUT! I have been making handmade envelopes! Only to realise I don't really have penpals anymore, most have become real life friends whom I talk to daily ... a shame really since I love snail mail. So here it is I filled up 5 envelopes with introduction letters, first letters that everyone hates to write so I can jsut send them out and we can start penpalling! Without having to wonder who will write first.

First few people to comment here with the email adress will get a mail from me asking for there adress. Just comment below with why you would want to be my penpal and you'll get an envie send your way!

This is just another way of finding penpals other then posting an ad! And I love writting and sending gifts to creative people so here we go let's try it this way. Comment away! These are intro letters though so people that already know me in real life or already are penpals wont read much news ;)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Journal #1

Polaroid and Moleskine

A match made in heaven is you ask me... here you can see an image of my current journal, I tend to switch around, ruled, sketchbook pages, aquarel pages, A5, A4 ... Moleskine non brand ... Though I do love moleskine journals mostly because of the yellow-ish paper, white paper tends to work on my nerves after a while because of the staining.
What do I write, draw or paste in this journal? Easy Everything and anything! I write about small anoyances because I have learned to write things down rather then to keep them inside. I stick leaflets in the little flap at the back (another reason why I love Molies! ) sketches for craft ideas, pattern ideas, random doodles, little quotes I find in books, pictures, polaroids, ... I think a journal is a great way to visualize your mind, specially when you're like me and you need that visiual stimulation to keep the ideas flowing.

So dear readers and followers, do you keep a journal ? Do you like Molies ?

For all those who can't seem to find enough ideas to keep a journal have you guys checked out 'wreck this journal' ? It's a journal but with assignments. I love the idea I don't need it myself but I love the idea of it. Anyone have any experience with these ?

ps : there will be a tutorial for the Bow Bracelet as soon as I rested enough.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bowtie Bracelet #1 (half tutorial)

Let me introduce you to a new project that's been floating around in my head lately! The bowtie bracelet! Made out of fabric! I love making fabric bows! I put them on pins, brooches and now I thought why not make a bracelet out of them. Okay this is the first one though so it needs some tweaking. But I like seeing the start of projects!

It all started with an idea... and where do Ideas go? Right in a journal I love keeping random journals with everything and anything in them!

Here you find some pattern sketches of things I though I would need, turns out I was right!

  • Two pieces of rounded fabric for the bow body
  • One small piece for the bow devider
  • Two broad pieces of fabric for the bracelet body
  • One finer strip of fabric for the middle
  • Two pieces of male and female velcro OR snap on button

  • Sewing machine
  • Needle
  • Thread (white for this fabric)
  • Iron
  • Some loose feltwool or cottonballs ( to stuff the bow with)
And here is the end result, now I know this isn't a tutorial but I just wanted to see if anyone wanted a detailed tutorial before I type one out ^^ so let me know if there is any interest in this one.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Into my world

A small glimpse into my room. I love collecting boxes and trinkets. I love pictures and memories on the right you see a black and white picture of my cousins and I, as bridesmaids on our grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. I will show you other parts of my room as well you can see where my inspiration comes from (all over the walls) and how I keepmy art supplies ( basicly everywhere as well.)

Also you can see Tibby my Blythe she's a big inspiration as well as is the entire dollie world. It's a part of me that wants to get my childhood back and escape into the lovely world of toys and trinkets again.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Blythe helmett #01

Blythe Helmett / Felting wool / Crochet

Materials used
  • Felting wool
  • Basin of hot water
  • Basin of cold water (to scare your wool at the end)
  • Marseille soap
  • Crochet hook #5 (it says to use 8-9) but I like a firm crochet for felting.
  • towel
  • 2 buttons
  • Needle and thread
Techniques used
  • crochet
  • felting
  • sowing

Blythe Hat .... This is my first project with the felting wool I found at Veritas. It takes some getting used to to crochet with this stuff since it raffles easily and your hook gets stuck between the thread instead of over it but once I got the hang of it It was amzing.

But the magic of felting wool truelly happens when you felt it. The wrapper said machine felting but I prefer the look of hand felting more so off I went got my basin, hot water, marseille soap and a towel and I started felting the hat. This was the result of felting for half an hour, but I could have gotten it more smooth if I felting a little bit longer. But I wanted the crochet feeling to stick for a bit so half an hour felting was all I needed.

I can make around 2 hats out of one ball of this yarn by 'schachemayr nomotta' And the price was very okay too. Being a student I do try to think about my wallet!

I already crochet a second one with multicolored wool so keep your eyes open on a second one of these.

Future plans ...

been in a little of a craft break lately mostly because of health reasons that I wasn't able to do a lot. But here you have a list of things that are to come in the future.

- Reviews (zine, items, brands, blog,craftbooks, cookbooks,...)
- Tutorials
- Inspirations (images, items, blogs,...)
- Things I have made but wont share a tutorial for
- Give-away's /contests

Ideas are always welcome.

Things I am working on at the moment.

- Bow brooches
- Blythe handfelted hats
- A zine
- A journal... I think everyone who has an itch but can't put that itch into a solid item should get a journal ... at least a place to keep your ideas ...