Sunday, April 25, 2010

Penpals givaway!

Penpal GIVEAWAY.... kind off ...

My crafting has come to a bit of a stop since I've been poorly for a bit now. BUT! I have been making handmade envelopes! Only to realise I don't really have penpals anymore, most have become real life friends whom I talk to daily ... a shame really since I love snail mail. So here it is I filled up 5 envelopes with introduction letters, first letters that everyone hates to write so I can jsut send them out and we can start penpalling! Without having to wonder who will write first.

First few people to comment here with the email adress will get a mail from me asking for there adress. Just comment below with why you would want to be my penpal and you'll get an envie send your way!

This is just another way of finding penpals other then posting an ad! And I love writting and sending gifts to creative people so here we go let's try it this way. Comment away! These are intro letters though so people that already know me in real life or already are penpals wont read much news ;)


  1. Hello! I want mail!! Well I just moved to Jacksonville AND! I have null friends here, so getting mail makes my days really happy... yeah, sad hahahaha... plus I love to write.

    escuishi (at)

  2. I want mail too, please! I've recently moved too, and have had sporadic luck with pen pals over the past few years... I'd like to try my luck with you, too!


  3. I will mail both you girls in a minute ^^

  4. I found your blog when googling "penpals" so if you still want penpals, I love writing letters :)

    To briefly introduce myself, I'm Jocelyn, I'm 19, and I'm soon to be a dropout seeing what I can do with my life that's not university studies because I've had enough of that.

    Email me if you want to write letters -- xashxnightx at