Thursday, April 15, 2010

Journal #1

Polaroid and Moleskine

A match made in heaven is you ask me... here you can see an image of my current journal, I tend to switch around, ruled, sketchbook pages, aquarel pages, A5, A4 ... Moleskine non brand ... Though I do love moleskine journals mostly because of the yellow-ish paper, white paper tends to work on my nerves after a while because of the staining.
What do I write, draw or paste in this journal? Easy Everything and anything! I write about small anoyances because I have learned to write things down rather then to keep them inside. I stick leaflets in the little flap at the back (another reason why I love Molies! ) sketches for craft ideas, pattern ideas, random doodles, little quotes I find in books, pictures, polaroids, ... I think a journal is a great way to visualize your mind, specially when you're like me and you need that visiual stimulation to keep the ideas flowing.

So dear readers and followers, do you keep a journal ? Do you like Molies ?

For all those who can't seem to find enough ideas to keep a journal have you guys checked out 'wreck this journal' ? It's a journal but with assignments. I love the idea I don't need it myself but I love the idea of it. Anyone have any experience with these ?

ps : there will be a tutorial for the Bow Bracelet as soon as I rested enough.

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