Monday, April 12, 2010

Blythe helmett #01

Blythe Helmett / Felting wool / Crochet

Materials used
  • Felting wool
  • Basin of hot water
  • Basin of cold water (to scare your wool at the end)
  • Marseille soap
  • Crochet hook #5 (it says to use 8-9) but I like a firm crochet for felting.
  • towel
  • 2 buttons
  • Needle and thread
Techniques used
  • crochet
  • felting
  • sowing

Blythe Hat .... This is my first project with the felting wool I found at Veritas. It takes some getting used to to crochet with this stuff since it raffles easily and your hook gets stuck between the thread instead of over it but once I got the hang of it It was amzing.

But the magic of felting wool truelly happens when you felt it. The wrapper said machine felting but I prefer the look of hand felting more so off I went got my basin, hot water, marseille soap and a towel and I started felting the hat. This was the result of felting for half an hour, but I could have gotten it more smooth if I felting a little bit longer. But I wanted the crochet feeling to stick for a bit so half an hour felting was all I needed.

I can make around 2 hats out of one ball of this yarn by 'schachemayr nomotta' And the price was very okay too. Being a student I do try to think about my wallet!

I already crochet a second one with multicolored wool so keep your eyes open on a second one of these.

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