Tuesday, March 9, 2010


What will this blog be about... well anything and everything that I make! Or things that inspire me! Things, people, texts, videos, pictures, ....
Some of my favorite things are sowing, painting, etching, blythe customizing, .... Once in a while I will host a contest! For my lovely followers and general people who drop by and have a look around.

About me: Well I'm a 22 year old art student, graphic design, but I also have a degree in textile and fashion design. I like to know a lot of different techniques so I can grow as an artist and creative person in general Knowledge is power ! I have chronic pains and I am tired a lot... this does tend to affect my life in many many ways. Including in my art and in my zine 'tired eyes'

I am a doll collecter, I think most people who'll drop by here will be dollie lovers, I have one blyhe and 4 bjd at the moment, and a kewpie and a little apple doll!

I love sewing and cute fabrics! If you ever want to do a fabric or art swap in general let me know! that's also one of the things I love swapping and penpalling! Mail = love

Life is an occasion you have to rise to it!

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