Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The student side ...

Yesterday I went back to school after being MIA for a year because of Fibromyalgia, cfs , eds and Mono! Yes I am a chronic pain patient but I try not to let it interfere with my creative side.

I have an indivicualised course at the moment, so yesterday I had to go talk to my teachers to see which assignments I would do this year and wich I would do next year, I'm finishing my bachelor my last year in two years instead of one.

So my first assignment of the year is making a 'graphic identity' for an old non interesting museum. my teacher's words not mine, through my blog I want to keep you guys updated on the progress of this. To show you my work but to also share what it's like to be a graphic design student in Belgium. Well one that goes to school parttime.

So far I've been brainstorming and I will be starting a moodboard soon. I love moodboards ever since I studied textile and fashion design I learned how to use them.

The first thing I had to do was to choose what kind of museum I would want to work for, I decided I'm going with a plant museum. my thoughts behind this was that plants are organic and I love working with organic lines, plus it gives me more playroom then say a computer museum. After I decided on that I started getting ideas for promotion stunts and I want to look into Guerilla gardening as a promo stunt for my museum.

My choice of colorouring would be greens but not old dusty greens but young green, grassgreen, lime green, citrus green.... because it would apeal to a wider audiance, also because I am going with the guerilla theme I'm thinking of using one extra color a bold one that can make a statement like Bright orange or a deep red pink.

Then my mind started racing to an exhibition I could hold there and promote... in the line of guerilla, protesting, bold... Why not make an exhibit that is of this day that speaks to current problems... PLANTS that can help with the economic and enviromental crisis the world is having ?!

As you can see my mind races when I get assignments, this will all change a lot but this is the first draft of my brainstorm session....

I hope some of you guys will be following this ;)

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