Friday, May 6, 2011

Favorite dress and to do list

First of all we've been having some gorgeous sunny days, and I always think Belgium looks better when the sun shines, sadly enough we don't get sun that often....

This is a picture of my school, KASK (royal academie of arts) in Ghent, it's actually an old hospital that they have recently renovated for us. I love this school so much, this is a picture of the old renovated part.

Other then that I love the sun because I get to wear some of my favorite dresses <3 Like this dress from who's that girl! See the small picture below And a bonus a picture of Egon and myself chilling in the sun!

To do list

- Finish my Ensor essay
- Finish my paintings
- Draw my handdrawn/digital book pages for zine book
- Finish my track and trace project
- Start studying for my exams!!!!!!
- Find tutorials on bookbinding that might actually help!


  1. I would die to go to school like yours!
    Try this link if you haven't already
    And I love your dress!

  2. Thank you for the link! I do love my school as well <3