Thursday, February 24, 2011

mother daughter sewing

My mother and I are starting a little project together. I bought way too much fabric for making myself some summer dresses and she came to the rescue she's going to be making herself some shirts out of it. So we decided for fun to just do it together. She can teach me some new techniques and I can enjoy some precious alone time with my mother. I think it's fun that in the 21st century that my mom and I can still do things together that most girls don't do with there mother anymore. My grandmother taught me how to cook and my grandfather taught me how to DIY anything in wood and how to fix things in the more unconventional ways. My grandpa and I also lay my floors here in our new house, wich is amazing, my cousins never had time like this with there grandparents because they just can't be bothered. They're a generation younger then me and I can tell the difference. I love the fact that I am being thaught some things first hand and not out of books or online.

Do you guys have a good bond with your mother ? Any projects you did ?


  1. I agree it's best to learn things first hand! I don't know why people seem to ignore all the things they could learn from parents and grandparents. I still love to get together for a day of sewing every now and then with my mother too :)

  2. I think most generations now think they are smart enough or dont need to know those skills because someone will do it for them.