Monday, February 7, 2011

Product review 01

I want to share some of my favorite products with you! Today I will be showing you 3 items I cannot seem to live without the last couple of weeks!

from left to right

1. GOSH effect powder : I have several colors of this powder I use it for mascara or highlighting, it comes in these very small glass jars and costs 7,95 euro's which I think is a lot to be honest but it seems to be lasting me a long time.

2. GOSH soft'n shine lip balm : it's a very soft lipstick that really hydrates your lips. the colour doens't last very long but it's still worth it. I use a mocha tone for my lips to keep them natural looking. this was about 8 euro's.

3. LUSH color suplement : I love this as a foundation I use it pure to hide my dark circles under my eyes and I mix it with my day creme as a light foundation. it looks very natural as you would expect from a lush product and it comes in a small glass jar with the typical lush styling. It costs about 15 euro's and it does last a long time. I think this is my favorite make up item so far.

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