Monday, February 28, 2011

Who's that girl dress

Do you have this problem. You buy a great dress! You love it! You want to wear it only it's the wrong season for it! And normally I am a fan of layers but this dress just screams Belgian Spring! I have bought the perfect leggings for it and I stare at it every once in a while when I open my closet to get out some wintery outfit. Which I love as well. But I am dying to wear this dress!

I do need some shoes to go with it! But I need to go to the hospital first to get my special orthopedic soles since yes having EDS means you can't even wear normal soles you need 'special' ones.

What kind of shoes do you think would be good ? For spring I am thinking a brown/caramel color, closed toes , ancle model, no heel since i can't wear heals.

shop in Antwerp and SOON! in Ghent!


  1. Vind je het te koud voor een legging nu? Ik draag ni anders meer :)

  2. Nee maar het is een kleedje met korte mouwtjes. En ik vind het zonde om er iets onder te dragen this te leuk zo.

  3. Hmmm, en een leuke cardigan erboven? Ik moet het ook zo doen, want 'k heb me voor genomen om enkel nog kleedjes te dragen :)