Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lecture by Rob Hornstra

Just got home from a lecture by this man (see above) a Dutch artist, from the Netherlands, that does documentary photography, combined in books, with several different , graphic designers, writers etc... It was an interesting lecture since he spoke a lot about how he got to be a selfpublishing author, he talked about crowdfunding and also about in-takers.

So he would just ask people in advance if they wanted to take part in his book before it was published, he got the money for the book, managed to get a fund to publish it and the people in return got there names published in the book itself. It's actually a very smart way to work if you think of it. You reward the people that believe in your book, you boost there ego, and in the mean time you gather the neccesairy capital to get your book out there!

He also talked about his work as a photographer, the different projects he was involved in and how he worked. What he said about not wanting to please his subjects was interesting. He gave the example of a famous Dutch actor, that he wanted to get photographed in a certain angle, but that Rob wasn't interested in those kind of pictures, so he actually pissed the man of to get the photograph he wanted. Arogant people need to be photographed arogant... it's how he sees it. And as an artist point of view I do agree, but my human side isn't so much into that way of working, I do believe in building up a relationship with your subjects /Clients. ------ His website

He also talked about the importance of blogging in the artist industrie, and this I am a huge fan of, getting featured in a blog is so much better, publishing wise, then getting featured in a local newspaper, blogs just reach a bigger public.

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