Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lush review: mask of mangaminty

Everyone who reads my blog, will probably know that I am a huge fan of lush products! Not only are they good for the enviroment, they don't test there problems on animals and it's just really good for your skin! Especially, people like me who have a sensitive and difficult skin.

Mask of magnaminty
Boy does this mask stick to it's name, it smells like the most delicious peppermint scent. At first it feels really cool on your skin. i keep mine in the fridge, but since this isn't a 'fresh' mask, you can keep it in a normal place as well.
Slowly you'll start to feel the tingle and burn of the pepperminth and you can just feel your skin getting treated by this wonderfull mask.

You'll look like a monstor of the lagune, but for me this just ads to the apeal of the mask. After rinsing it off with luke warm water, and making
circles on my skin, since this mask has a bit of a build in scrub as well. I felt my skin and it's
extremely soft now, and it feels so clean! Defenitly worth it to check it out! And since t
his isn't a mask you use everyday, it's a nice buy and lasts a long time. I bought the small pot. Since I am only using it on my face, but it's also great for your neck and back! I might try this out on a really warm day to cool down my skin!

All in all another great lush product to add to my growing lush collection!

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